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WARNING> NOT suitable for persons under 18. If you suffer from any medical condition or are taking medication please consult your doctor prior to using this product. Keep out of reach of children.  Do NOT exceed 300 or 450mg (one capsule) per day unless otherwise stated.

Note: We ONLY sell genuine full strength capsules and ONLY ever obtain stock direct from the producers thus avoiding the risk of acquiring poor quality copy capsules that some other sellers supply (sometimes unknowingly).

Ultimate Delay Spray is a rapid acting numbing spray that helps to fight against premature ejaculation.

Designed to reduce penis sensitivity this fast-acting spray can be applied to the shaft and tip of the penis prior to intimacy.

Once absorbed into the skin the area feels less sensitive therefore reducing the likelihood of a premature male climax.

Ultimate Delay Spray absorbs rapidly and as it is contained within a convenient spray it reduces mess and ensures that the liquid goes exactly where you want it.

Big-Value 25ml Pack @ 15.99 Now 12.99While Stocks Last.

"Jump Start"  a great natural energy boost which you can take at the start of the day or whenever you need some extra support. For male or female use. Extremely effective.

Directions: Take one capsule at the onset of tiredness.

Pack of 10 @ 14.99

"After Party" Hangover Support Formula. If you are expecting to have a heavy night then make sure you take one or two of these capsules beforehand.  You'll be grateful that you did.

Directions: Take one or two capsules prior to the consumption of alcohol.

Pack of 10 @ 14.99

Uberlube is a multi-purpose high performance lubricant and massage oil that's unscented, taste-free & non-sticky. Available in convenient multiples of 5 x 3ml sachets. 
                   No/Sachets Uberlube 3ml




2 of each @9.99

Herbal Red+Blue
2 of each @12.99

Herbal Blue / Green / Red 

2 of each @11.99

His'n'Hers Pack

Gold Max Blue / Gold Max Pink    


1 of each @5.99

Desire Me / Seduce Me 450mg
 Dual Pack
2 of each @14.99

 VXL Instant / Gold Max
2 of each @16.99 

VXL Gum / VXL Instant Pills
2 of each @19.99

Gold Max/Herbal Red/VXL/Dragon
Sassy Pink Pills 300mg













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