Change is inevitable in this life and it is not always welcome which is why we try to keep the effects to a minimum. We have had to say farewell to a couple of old stalwarts, Herbal Blue and Rising Gold which have been discontinued by their manufacturer. True, they had been rather overtaken by newer brands such as Gold Max and Hard Man yet they still retained their adherents. We still have a reasonable stock of Herbal Reds but we don't yet know if we will be able to replenish this in the future.

Summer 2017 has also seen the first price rise on certain products in years.  We regret taking such action but this was inevitable due to the value of the pound dropping 20% in value against the Euro and Dollar since the Brexit vote. Most of our products are imported. The alternative was either to implement separate UK post and packing charges or to simply stop selling those items which were not producing the sufficient profit margins required to cover business costs. We chose the best option as we hope you will agree.

We also always try to keep good stocks of popular products for rapid despatch to customers although some times we get a run on certain items on which there is a lead time from the manufacturer. Logistically, we have to strike a fine balance between estimated supply (and shelf life) and demand.  

If you do order a currently out-of-stock/On Back Order item then we will acknowledge your purchase and then advise when it has been despatched. Any lengthy delays will be advised and you will be offered the choice of an alternative product of equal power and value or a full refund.

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